The fourfold champion of the world Olympic Games of printers
FESPA Awards
14th/2005/, 15th/2007/, 16th/2010/, 17th/2013/

Genuine French book cover. Vasily Smelyanskiy, 2006

The main directions of activity

Vasily Smelyanskiy’s workshop



• working out and creating

"on a turn-key basis"

exclusive polygraphic

production of various formats


• working out and the realization

of scale art

and social projects



— one of the leading developers

of Trademarks and imaging attributes

in the Ural.



among the world leaders

of working out and manufacturing

of office polygraphic production

of office keepsake quality.



Certified copies

of serigraphic art works

in book art style

Vasily Smelyanskiy,

which were created in collaboration

with Publisher FORT DIALOG

(from 2011 - Fort De Print),

are stored in the major

Russian national cultural funds:

— the Hermitage

— the Tretyakov Gallery

— Russian State Library

— Russian National Library

— Library of President

of Russian Federation


Most of publications

which were printed by the

workshop RIG PERSONA®

over the last 10 years,

became the property of Russian

museums, foundations, rare editions

нof national and regional libraries,

public archives

and private collections.



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We are pleased to welcome you on the new site of Vasily Smelyanskiy’s Workshop RIG Persona®, which is going to be much more informative than our old site. All the materials of the old site will be undergone to major design and editorial corrections and transferred to the new russian site Of course, this will take a time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.


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Alexander Korlykhanov and Vasily Smelyanskiy – the champions of the FESPA Awards 2010RIG Persona®FORT Dialog, the first results of cooperation

December 2010 marks one year since the inception of the Alexander Korlykhanov and Vasily Smelyanskiy Ural Innovative Art and Polygraphic Partnership Workshop Rig Persona®–Fort Dialog Publisher. Let us summarize the initial results..







Book–Art Object by Vasily SmelyanskiyBook–Art Object by Vasily Smelyanskiy as a functional set of business attributes of the six subjects brings another victory at FESPA Awards. Certified of copies of this serigraphic works of art together with certified copies of book-art Frescoes of the Truth became the property of the major Russian national funds – the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, Russian State Library, and Russian National Library and Library of President of Russian Federation.














The Ural polygraphic national team —  the champion of the FESPA Awards 2010. MunichOlympic Hat Trick

of the Ural Polygraphic National Team


On June 24th, 2010, the 16th world Olympic Games of printers FESPA Awards 2010 were summed up in Munich. The victory in the nomination № 1 third consecutive time was gained by the Ural polygraphic national team.






Vasily SMELYANSKIY, Yuri LAKHIN, FRESCOES OF THE TRUTH (book art), 2010«Frescoes of the Truth»


On the eve of the comprehensive celebrations devoted to the 65 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945, Vasily Smelyanskiy's Workshop (Trademark RIG PERSONA) together with Alexander Korlyhanov's Manufacture (Fort Dialog Publisher), represent the patriotic project Frescoes of the Truth. The plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Ural federal district, Nikolay Vinnichenko, has expressed gratitude personally to Vasily Smelyanskiy and Alexander Korlykhanov, and also collectives Workshop Rig Persona and Fort Dialog Publisher.


«… It is pleasant that you direct the professional and creative talent not only on realization of your ideas and ambitions, but also on the education of a rising generation in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the glorious history of our country. I am sure that thanks to you, the future of Russia will become more glorious and heroic than its past …» — the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in UFD Alexander Beletskiy has written in this official letter of thanks.





Bookplate for art and cultural object The Collection of Struve-Otten. Three variants in a brown-gold tone. Development of Vasily Smelyanskiy, 2008


Volume I of the Cultural–art object "Struve-Otten Collection" (engravings after restoration decorated in a mats and packed to the Album-depository), 2008

Cultural–art object
the Collection of Struve–Otten


In October 2008, RIG PERSONA has finished works on the creation of cultural-art object The Collection of Struve–Otten, which lasted almost two years. By a recognition of the majority of the Moscow and Ural experts who were cooperating with RIG PERSONA, they have faced for the first time, such a highly professional approach and scale of realization of the project at work with a private collection.










Tours, organized by Vasily Smelyanskiy. Konstantin Kinchev  gives an interview. On November 22-23, is the Birthday of domestic show business. The first legitimate nonstate tours in the USSR.Birthday of the Russian show business


The date of November 22, 1987 is possible to consider the official birthday of domestic show business. Then, 21 years ago, on the arena of Chelyabinsk circus for the first time in history of the USSR, there have passed four legal concerts of a rock group "Alisa" organized by private persons — Vasily Smelyanskiy, Anatoly Badanov, Valery Suslov and Boris Kalyuzhniy. This sensational action has created to its organizers the reputation of impetuous, reckless and simply mad people …





The academician Blednych.  Graphic sketch by Vasily Smelyanskiy , 1999 Rector of Chelyabinsk State Agricultural University Vasily V. Blednych: WELL WHAT IDIOT WILL WORK IN SUCH AGRICULTURE?

(Especially private conversation in November 1999)


The preface from Vasily Smelyanskiy, October 2010:


With academician Vasily Blednyh, who is amazing, courageous, and over-talented person in the various spheres of activity, I talked as the journalist and "the younger" friend in far November, 1999, before significant events for Russia of the Millennium. Anybody from us yet didn't know, how will turn and where will go lose power, and whether it will be power or not? The events of which occurred around, clearly testified the opposite... The spirit of passionate grief-despair soared over our conversation in the cozy business rector's office and was warmed up with sustained Armenian cognac which still existed as the phenomenon. Both of us understood that we are ready to reject all solidity, ranks, position in a society, another tinsel and to undertake axes-automatic machines. It was impossible to live so further...


The millennium, thank God, has brought Russia its future. The non-return point has been passed and became a reference point.


Assorting through archives, I have come across this document which was written ten years ago and not published, God knows, for what reasons. At the heart of the document was decoding of the Dictaphone's record of conversation which was lasting for many hours (decoding partially also has remained), but the presence of the interlocutor has been completely withdrawn from the text, and V.V. Blednyh's speech is compressed and broken into almost aphoristic remarks and is grouped in the form of a monologue...


It seemed to me that the document is of interest not only as a portrait of academician Blednych, the outstanding figure of domestic science, but documentary precisely fixes true moods (not glamour) of the Russian elite of that time, more exactly ‘untime’. Not all, of course, — that who conscience hasn't lost, hasn't spent on drink, not to a devil together with soul has put …





"Russia". Photo-painting by Vasily Smelyanskiy - Alexander Sokolov.  A bronze replica of the sculpture by N.A.Laveretskiy   (1896), is set up at Chelyabinsk railway terminal. June 2007. Parameters Original: 606x500mm-300dpi, versions in the Lab and CMYK. First published in the album "In the heart of Eurasia", 2007.About Presidents, Butter, "Cabbage"

and the Russian superethnos

(according to materials of mass media 1996 — 2000)


The journalist: … That is amazing, they engage in the polemic with you only on particulars, details, silently recognizing global truth, apparently, provoking and ambiguous versions...

But your ideas, which you have recently expressed, concerning occurring to Russia and its population at the Millennium and resignation of the President, I am afraid, will cause sharp aversion... We will try to understand. In what an event essence under the version of Free Russian Master Vasily Smelyanskiy?

Vasily Smelyanskiy: “… Russia now, by definition of Gumilev Lev (eternal memory to this great thinker, the son of Russia) is “in a climax stage”. The old woman of Russia is almost 800 years (the Russian superethnos started from the first quarter of the eighth century). According to the theory of ethnogenesis by Gumilev, the Russian superethnos at this stage is in a transition state from “a break phase” in “an inertial phase”…


A good one is here. I suspect that the Russian superethnos could not slip “a break phase”. It finished nearly without having held until the end of this wearisome distance. Finished and ended… I think that the Great Russian superethnos has stopped the existence as uniform superethnos, having existed almost eight centuries …


On splinters (and most likely, before — in bowels) of the failed Empire, on those splinters which have resisted from “careful guardianship” practical neighbors, as a result of happened shortly before that (or on the contrary — long before) a passionate push, the new superethnoses which have desperately rushed in grasping a whirl of ethnogenesis were started... We clearly see such three formations: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and, certainly, the Russian Federation. These new communities just win the right to become superethnoses, but they could not cope — to come to an end, and without having begun, but success to them and may god help them!”





RUSSIA 2000: THE ROBE OF POWER, Vasily SMELYANSKIY, Graphic poetry compositionFree Russian Master and the President

(from the magazine New economical policy, February 2001)


Leontieva N: …However, let us return to a picture which perhaps became the trademark of the Master: Vladimir Putin's image. Let us consider what the author states:


Smelyanskiy V.“... Basically, I did not paint a portrait... I began creating a picture Russia 2000: The Robe of Power in June 1999. I meant ‘the cover’ and symbolical ‘clothes’ of Russian power, and there it was only on the picture. It was the generalized image of the impoverished and dilapidated country toiling from anarchy and ready ‘to be given’ to any who dared, for which it is generous on love and adoration power (it is still power!) which has truly prepared the Asian throne, and Vladimir Putin has just joined in a picture in this robe... In 1999, he just came up from being ‘non-existent’ and seriously was not perceived by anybody. I was unable to find a quality photo of him on the internet. So, I took from it his character. Actually, I do not paint portraits. I write pictures where people live as heroes, characters... Why did I choose Putin and not another political leader? I do not know. Putin was entered in robe only, and I entered so strongly, in the details…


Basically I did not set this as the purpose to foresee political events. To me as an artist, it is not as interesting. Simply very much ‘under a suit’ was approached...”