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History of RIG PERSONA’s Workshop




since 2009 


Advertising and Publishing Group LLC RIG PERSONA® 

From 2005 to 2009



From 2001 to 2009


Studio Premier SK

From December, 1998 to 2009


The history of Trademark RIG PERSONA®, which was founded by Free Russian Master Vasily Smelyanskiy, and the companies which were working under this brand is inseparably connected with  the activities of the Master. 


Vasily Smelyanskiy and TV producer Natalya Kozakova сreated Studio Premier SK in December 1998. The main effectrix of all the Workshop's projects was easy to understand and competitive concept, which was formulated by the Master in his youth:


«Ethics, aesthetics and mastership are more comfortable and profitable than vulgarity, greed and aggressive dilettantism. It's more important not how much you earn but the quality of your work».


There is no point to describe the history of RIG PERSONA® specially because there are many publications about it in mass media and in the Vasily Smelyanskiy's biography. Many of these publications have been translated into English.