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FESPA Awards 2005

Munich, Germany

Gold prize in the

nomination №1 -

"Printing on paper and cardboard"


Silver prize in the

nomination №1 -

"Printing on paper and cardboard"


Silver prize in the

nomination №4 "Calendars"


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We are the Olympic champions of FESPA Awards 2005!


In 2005 RIG PERSONA® presented  three works at FESPA Awards. Two of them won gold and silver in the nomination № 1 "Print on paper and cardboard". The third work won silver in the nomination № 4 "Calendars". 


It should be noted that Russia joined FESPA in 1999, however Russian companies are involved in the polygraphic Olympic Games since 2002.


Russia won gold awards at FESPA for the first time in 2005:
in the the nomination № 1 "Print on paper and cardboard" (RIG PERSONA) and in the the nomination № 15 "Print on metal and wood" (Studio REYA of Andrey Korob, Moscow).


FESPA 2005, the world's largest event for screen, digital and industrial printing, passed in Munich / Germany / 31 May - 4 June. 


FESPA is the International exhibition of the highest achievements in polygraphy. Competition of screen printing masters is Olympic Games of the high-tech polygraphy and is held every 3 years.


The first FESPA Awards took place over 40 years ago. Since then, the exposition has become a leading International Forum of screen, industrial, and digital polygraphy, rapidly developing and covering all the innovations in these areas.


In 2005 FESPA Awards received over 400 applications from 20 countries. All of them were candidates for the main prize. The exposition occupied four exhibition halls (over 40,000 square meters).


Secretary General of FESPA Nigel Steffens stated:
"The works of winners are prominent!"


FESPA Awards 2005 Winners (  88 kb)