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Exclusive Art and Publishing Projects




The history of RIG PERSONA® ascends to the work of Studio Premier SK which was created to realize exclusive art and publishing projects.


Every project of the Studio Premier SK / RIG PERSONA® drew a wide response of the society.


Some of these projects became landmark events in the cultural life of the Region. As an example can be taken the first eddition of the magazine "Persona: Private Life" which raised the standards of the design and polygraphic quality of printed mass media published in South Ural.






Many projects of RIG PERSONA® are initiated and realized at its own expense. Some of them are organized and partially financed by Chelyabinsk Region Administration and large industrial enterprises of the Region.


Some of the projects are the direct orders on the basis of our conceptual developments.


All projects are covered in detail in the Russian media. Actually it's about all publications about Vasily Smelyanskiy and RIG PERSONA®.