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Design and Printing of VIP Calendars



One of the main aspects of company image strategy is design of a corporate calendar.
A calendar produced by RIG PERSONA
® is a unique edition aimed to support the company image as well as to maximum functionality.



Corporate calendars by RIG PERSONA® are without a rival and their copies are being kept as a bibliographic rarity in the VIP offices of high-ranking officials, businessmen, and celebreties. These publications are not thrown away, they are stored as bibliographical rarities. Almost all published calendars of RIG PERSONA® are stored in the collections of Russian museums, rare editions foundations of national and regional libraries, public archives and private collections. Certified copies of the FRESCOS OF THE TRUTH are stored in a major Russian national cultural funds: the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian State Library and the Russian National Library.

Calendars designed and produced by RIG PERSONA® are informative mass media, printed as deluxe editions (keepsake class)



The designers and artists of RIG PERSONA® are creating a customized theme calendar considering the interests, goals and objectives of the customer showing the main theme through the entire editioin:

      • Selecting a set of memorable date of the industry (in which your company works).
      • Creating image material (articles) about the customer.
      • RIG PERSONA® editorail staff is carrying out a researche into history of the enterprise and creating a chronology chart for the calendar.
      • The calendar can feature a full list of national holidays as well.
      • Only copyright managed photos are used. An additional photo session can be performed to create a visual image of the client (company) if necessary.
      • Printing of deluxe calendar is a very elaborate technological poligraphic process which includes offset and screen printing with UV inks and varnishing.




As a result of our work calendar of class "keepsake" is publication of high information, printing and art level.

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