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Development for the Media



In regards to promote his Trade Mark, the customer usually needs a serious promotional campaigne. A great sum of money is usually being spent for numerous advertisments in print media.


We believe that it is more reasonable and profitable to create your own mass media instead of paying for somebodies service.


RIG PERSONA® develops a conception and creates a mass media, which helps the customer to achieve his goals.


If the mass media is well-projected, then even its first edition would be covered at the expence of other companies' advertisments.


The first eddition of «VIP-customer's Navigator» bulletin, produced by RIG PERSONA® has covered 43,7 per cent of the sum spent on its publication.


RIG PERSONA® creates and brings to the high level any kind of mass media including TV-projects.



RIG PERSONA® helps to its clients with mass media registration and maintainence of e-zines.


First two issues of the media are running by the editorial staff of RIG PERSONA® while a new editorial board is being created specially for the work on this project, and then the media can be run by its owner.


If necessary, RIG PERSONA® can continue maintaining the media by agreement with the customer.


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