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Vasily Smelyanskiy is considered to be one of the leading brand developers in the Ural. Only few companies can create similar documents and developments of such high level using huge budget and attracting many people as in Project TM. The workshop "RIG PERSONA" is carrying out similar works with much less number of specialists.


The Master himself is performing the most of works with conceptual, semantic, art and content projection.


The developments of "RIG PERSONA" workshop are being distinguished by their accuracy, forethought, multistructureness and (that is very important in modern conditions) conscientiousness, decency, and responsibility for the result – that calls upon the name, word and honour of the Master, but not only upon intricated and catchy contracts.


Not fast. Not cheap. But it pays to do it. 



Content of documents and developments package of Project TM



The structure of documents and developments package is the author's know how. Here are just some of the landmark Project components:

      • analysis of prospects for creating of Trade Mark for particular business
      • Trade Mark conceptual disign
      • creation of Trademark —
        graphic solution, execution of primary expertise at the patent clearance
      • development of visual representation of TM —
        Trade mark in modifications, logic section, cards of corporate colors, objects of corporate style, elements of image delivery, and etc.
      • development of technological sketches and cards for specific printing lines
      • development of verbal images (mottos, slogans, advertising and information)
      • reduction of all elements of development in the brand book format, which are actually valuable as a tool for promotion and development of the brand (TM), with elements of guideline and cut guide. Universally acknowledged standards of form and content of brandbooks do not exist. It's an authorial product, crowning the process of brand designing.

Digital format of the entire documents and developments package of Project TM includes 500 to 1500 clear structured and named files comprehensible for any user.


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