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TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century, graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy, 1996–2010 (book-art)

History of creation



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About the book and the project “TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century, graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy” in the Russian media have been published a lot of materials, created a large number of television programs and documentaries. If you are interested in this project, we offer you some announcements and links to full versions of some of these materials.




/ some thoughts about Vasily Smelyanskiy /




Senior lecturer

Department of History and Art Theory of Chelyabinsk State University

May, 2000





7 graphic sheets complete set

for V. Smelyanskiy and A. Startsev exhibition

in Chelyabinsk Sports Palace,

July 2000. Setup, design by V. Smelyanskiy

Never ever wonder who is Vasily Smelyanskiy. The answer is too comprehensive, and it means that there is no answer.


РDrawing a parachute of demonstrative nihilism, swaying, on his own words, "on straps of common sense", Smelyanskiy constantly wants to land abroad of understandable. In general, crossing the lines is his strong point. Speaking grandiloquencely — his path. He breaks them all the time. Not only externally but also internally, passing from poetry to painting, from philosophy to television advertising, taking off hat to Yesenin to rejection of Dostoevsky. From ... and to.


Once Y.M. Lotman has remarked that from the standpoint of strict logic, the poetic text is nonsense. The most amazing thing in the art is its existence. But it is only possible because of violation of the limits - logic, tradition, the spelling ...


Constantly breaking the state sovereignty of the non-understood and non-intuitive, Vasily Smelyanskiy is a real art and aesthetic diversionist. And being such a person, he should be either immediately arrested, or set in stone, or flogged publicly in a marketplace in the first coming Sunday…



















theorist of literature (Moscow)

April — May, 1998



the Action «TETRAGEDDON 2000».

Lake Argazi, the Chelyabinsk Oblast,

September 1995

Why Jazz is a book?



This concept is out of music, but rather from the sacral field.


It is a freedom

which follows the creator,

as a tune - for flute ...


Thus spoke Vasily Smelyanskiy eight years ago, during the dashing timelessness:

in torn to pieces, woozy from the boundless freedom of the country, he dreamed of polyphonic Book (his first famous project "Moonlight Sovieticus” author recalls as difficult dream, as obsession and examination).


Just then fate brought the two masters - Poet and Musician.

Georgi Anokhin and Vasily Smelyanskiy ...


And now, after eight years, again in the South Ural, they are again with the Maestro, they again make the Book.


And along with them - Artist: Alexander Danilov, Photographer: Alexander Sokolov.

And along with them - a lot of talented and not embarrassed people because of surrounding barbarism of existence of the South Ural people.


Everything will repeat a farce

but in the beginning was Love

(V. Smelyanskiy)




«TETRAGEDDON»is a Eurasian version of "Silver Age", filled with arrogance and chastity, because daring and chaste at the same time flexible branches, embracing us, the folds and fissures, and ligament tears of stone slopes, valleys and covert nakedness. Perhaps, after Paul Valery, Noosphere discoveries of Vernadsky, the slow inhabitants of Montparnasse and cheerful company of Rotunda, it is hard to believe in the existence of anything conceptually new. However, Tetrageddon is a principally new version, since its foundation is the Book.


The action concept акции — Alexander DANILOV, Vasily SMELYANSKIY,

The action organization — Vasily SMELYANSKIY,

Petroglyphic lists, ideas of stone constructions and landscape compositions — Alexander DANILOV,

Photo shooting — Alexander SOKOLOV.

By request of LLC "Kulturnoe Nasledie", 2005









«The artist must live, as opposed to»




June 1998




for the theatrical performance based on the book

TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century,

graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy, 1998

«TETRAGEDDON 2000" – it was a name of music and dramatic action, which recently took place at the Chelyabinsk Academic Drama Theater within the Days of Slavonic Literature and Culture. It was attended by People's Artist of Russia Galina ZAYTSEVA, honored artists of Russia Maya DROBININA and Andrey TORKHOV, the winner of international contest "Slavic Bazaar" Olga SERGEEVA... The action music was written by Georgi ANOKHIN, choreography performed by People's Artist of Belarus Alexander MUNTAGIROV, performance by People's Artist of Russia Naum ORLOV and Mikhail FILIMONOV.


It is not difficult to see that the work was "starry" - which has absorbed all the best that is available in the South Ural. The action looked extremely stylish -, because of Meyerkhold traditions, various genres and art styles were gracefully incorporated in it: the ballet, the artistic recitation, opera singing, jazz, rap... Everything seemed seamlessly and clearly. And you could only guess how probably easy so fine to put together seemingly unconnected. You need to have impeccable taste and talent unconditional.


Who was the author of the mysterious, intriguing, "TETRAGEDDON"? A surprise awaited the audience. Because the author of Music and Drama action was Vasily Smelyanskiy, grandson of loved by many generations of South Urals poet Ludmila TATYANICHEVA...