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 The general director of «FORT DIALOG-ISET» Alexander Korlykhanov and Vasily Smelyanskiy, 2010

«Fort Dialog – Iset'» and Publisher «Fort De Print»
Screen and offset printing.
Supply, installation, maintenance of printing and office equipment
«Alexander Sokolov visual image Workshop»
High-quality art staged photography. Visual image creation

 Alexander Sokolov and Vasily Smelyanskiy during the shooting for the almanac Gubernsky Calendar, 2006

Exclusive binding Workshop
Russian Art, Scientific and Restoration Center n.a. Academician Igor Grabar

Prepress Bureau «Mega-RIF»
Preprinted preparation and production of color separation slides

 Vasily Smelyanskiy and Andrey Antonov - head and art director of Paragon Workshop. Project "Collection of Struve-Otten", 2008

Regional representative of "Regent-Art". Supplier of paper and cardboard for printing, advertising and design
«Komus Ural»
The regional representative of Comus PSBK
Supplier of high quality paper and cardboard for printing, advertising and design

The director of Academician Igor Grabar’ Art-Union Scientific and Restavration Center Alexey Vladimirov and Vasily Smelyanskiy. Project "Collection of Struve-Otten", 2008 

«LION Art Service»
Picture framing studio «on a turnkey basis»

Andrey Startsev
Sculptor, jeweler, graphic artist,
member of the Union of Russian Artists.
Director of sculptural and production workshop "ASTAR", Chelyabinsk
«Tse-SAM» Modern Authorial Music Center and creative Workshop «N»
of musician, composer, and producer Yury Knyazev

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