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About Presidents, butter, "Cabbage", The Russian superethnos and huge Scam by a nickname "Advertising"

Conversations with Free Russian Master Vasily Smelyanskiy

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"Russia". Photo-painting by Vasily Smelyanskiy - Alexander Sokolov.  A bronze replica of the sculpture by N.A.Laveretskiy   (1896), is set up at Chelyabinsk railway terminal. June 2007. Parameters Original: 606x500mm-300dpi, versions in the Lab and CMYK. First published in the album "In the heart of Eurasia", 2007.

"Russia", a bronze replica of the sculpture by N.A.Laveretskiy (1896), is set up at Chelyabinsk railway terminal. Photo-painting by Vasily SMELYANSKIY - ALEXANDER SOKOLOV, June 2007

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 From editors of PREMIER SK


These texts are reproduction of some typical questions-answers and topics from numerous interviews, plots and films about Vasily Smelyanskiy, which were broadcasting on central, South Ural and other regional Russian TV channels and radio stations in 1996 — 2000. For convenience of perception various statements of Smelyanskiy are built in the imagined connected conversation (without observance of real chronology of statements) with a certain imagined Journalist who is a generalized character.


In real life Vasily Smelyanskiy's creativity was shown by almost all significant TV reporters of South Ural (for example, Irina Durmanova, Tatyana Yengoyan, Irina KOLOMEJSKAYA, Larissa OKUNEVA, Uljana Solopova, Vyacheslav HOLMS, Svetlana SHISHKINA, Alexander YURIN, etc.), many journalists of the central and regional channels.


Direct speech of Smelyanskiy in a text's format practically wasn't edited, keeping an expression and emotional coloring of studio conversations and live programs.


Brief information:

The studio «PREMIER SK» was founded by Vasily Smelyanskiy and a television producer Natalia Kozakova in December, 1998 for realization of scale art and social projects, first of all for the Land of MASTERS project, which was directed on revival of status "MASTER" as main spiritual, economic and historic property of South Ural and Russia in the whole.


The studio is FREE non-state association of Masters.


Natalia KOZAKOVA — a television producer, co-director of Studio «PREMIER SK», organizer of advertising work, collaborates with broadcasting companies. She works with all large broadcasting companies of South Ural and representations of the Central Russian Channels.



1. About BUTTER and the MASTER



The journalist: Vasily, I have effectively issued briquette of butter «Sladkoslivochnoe» in my hands. And I am reading: «Design, imaging support — Vasily Smelyanskiy, studio «PREMIER SK». All the largest regional TV channels show advertising clips of this product which accompanied by Georgy ANOKHIN'S music... You are a well known artist, famous poet and so on. Georgy ANOKHIN is not a less famous composer, musician and etc. And suddenly — butter!?


V.S. : And what? It is even very tasty butter. It is native, and the price, whether known, of the sandwich-type. But in a serious note «PREMIER SK» is engaged, and even very much, with imaging, advertising and elective technologies. It is everything for today, realities of a living landscape (do you feel the profound of tragedy?). Precisely these realities make a pseudo-cultural broth in which our children are cooked and matured... Aggressive laymen, spiritual freaks or silly people who are thrilled with pseudoscientific bosh type "branding" and "naming", cook this broth. To assign our children all this garbage? Therefore I am «on a front line». Fight with all this nasty thing is not to win any more, but to hand over bastions without fight is also not our tradition.


And pretty entertaining history has turned out with butter.


There are several large companies in the city which have divided the market of packed up butter (more exactly sladkoslivochnoe butter. I have been eaten it all my life but even haven't known that it is sladkoslivochnoe).
This usual Soviet butter in masterly-faceless briquettes on 200 gram. is the typological product of the Gold Epoch of Stagnation which is probably familiar to everyone.
Actually nobody makes such grade; there is no uniform manufacture under the uniform recipe. There is a purchase from different manufacturer, a selection on quality, packing, wholesale realization. They did the same in the Soviet period; only suppliers were not farms, but state farms. And image of faceless national butter was created by State trade which was genius on platitude.


However, in Soviet period «selection on quality» meant what it meant, appealing to government standard and to "the Moral code of builders of communism». Now «selection on quality» should be understood so: dilute butter with margarine, animal and vegetative fats, or fats of sea creatures, in compliance with own imagination that is TOR.


Without doubt, present butter - producers aren't going to refuse from the untwisted image of a "national" product.
Especially against global nostalgia on the imperial past and national tearing away of import rubbish in celluloid.


It is clear that nobody has done PR of the product in this "butter market" until the recent time. Selfish psychology worked: to put up money in advertising of "national" butter meant to bring grist to mill and all companies -competitors ... The firm NITA, our clients, was the first to "have leaped". It was founded by Pavel LIPHANOV and Evgeny ZAMYATIN. They graduated from technical intelligence of the Soviet school. Those people are thoughtful and resolute ... So the concept of the new image of the well-known product was born.


The journalist: I know that the best experts of different directions of activities cooperate with «PREMIER SK». And who else, except you, Natalia KOZAKOVA and Georgy ANOKHIN, took part in creation of the new image of butter Sladkoslivochnoe?


V.S.: Color, heavyweights, cream, the present prof. The video series of clips from my design have been done by artist Alexei GALEYEV. Sound tracks were created by a sound-producer Azat GALEYEV, the magician and the poet of a sound. The voice of Nitas character was sounded by inimitable actor Alexander BAROK.
The team, as you can see, regional-star.



2. About "PREMIER SV", "PREMIER SK" and freaky time



The journalist: Let us distract from the butter... What does "PREMIER SK" mean?


V.S.: The Name will probably remind you of the firm Premier SV rattling in due time. It is not casually. Once, in the end of 1980s, as the fates decree I have appeared involved by a birth of whangdoodle by name «domestic show business». It looked so. With group of companions we have created the first concert cooperative society in the country. We have organized the first in the USSR (not including foggy time of the NEW ECONOMIC POLICY) legitimate, private, nonstate tours (a notorious affair with arrival of rock groups AQUARIUM and ALISA to Chelyabinsk in November 1987). Thanks to it I have suddenly appeared rather respectful person in domestic artistic circles, and have been invited by the outstanding domestic producer and musician Stas Namin for creation of Moscow Musical Center (MMC of Stas Namin). And I have taken the most active part in it, but this is another story.


And I mentioned about it because at the end of 1987 except us organizational and legally "childbirth" of the Soviet (Russian) show -nightmare in one place made out: Sergey LISSOVSKY'S Leisure Center. That future "LIS'S", and later — a group of companies "Premier SV". Some projects were carried out together: the center of Stas NAMIN gave for LISSOVSKY'S discos in OLYMPIC sound equipment and musical collectives (there were nearly 40 such collectives in MMC)....

Lis worked with many the most gifted and talented people, who shown the country and to the world an enchanting spectacle of revelations of conceived show phantasmagoria (it is told with respect and sarcasm simultaneously and separately).


In that raging infernal copper the prototype of Russian advertising in style of Premier SV also has been conceived. Ignoring is stupid methods of public relations imposed because of a hillock.


The whole country laughed loudly and sympathized to "Premier SV" with flashing humor and almost boyish impudence of advertising strategy. The further history is well-known — it has come to the end (and has come to the end forever) because super-monopoly under the name of VIDEO INERNATIONAL has occupied almost all information field of the country...


In memory about reckless (or freaky?) times which we did not chose, but it chose us. In honor of those impetuously passionate people, not knowing melancholy ways (and the native land), I named the studio «PRIMIER SK». And «SK» meaning Smelyanskiy — Kozakova. That is simple and unpretentious. But it is not the legal designation, not a trade mark. It is the commercial name. We have LLC "KULTURNOE NASLEDIE" for legal and imaging goals, Public organization «the Russian Fund KULTURNOE NASLEDIE". And to addition to this - there is a new trade mark in the work, which you shouldn't ask questions yet.



3. About ADVERTISING SCAM and an esthetics of the Century of the Fool Choosing Pepsi



The journalist: I know that you have been doing imaging design since your youth. Actually, the term «conceptual design» is thought up by you in the mid-eighties. Also I know that you left for some years «Big PR». Times have strongly changed, there is no that country, the USSR, the epoch of «Premier SV» has sunk already in the new Russian past. It is impossible to look at modern advertising without tears and disgust. What can you change in the circumstances?


V.S.: I could change nothing. And I do not want. It is not necessary to climb the barricades and to tear one's stripped vest exposing one's chest. It is necessary just "To be" and "To do", by only your presence confirming another way, another life for the "enemy" wouldn't relax, and the people, enthralled by it, had chance of a choice. Sometime. Thus many people do, who have not subman in our country and all over the world. But honestly, barricades are for my temperament, and the axe of my thought isn't buried.


PR in general and advertising in particular for today in Russia — huge scam. This domination of laymen with shouting diplomas candy wrappers, frank rascals or that is even sadder, is valid clear "heads-on-lives-cynics".


Sprouts of sound Russian advertising have withered under the impact of anxious «on sex» "psychoanalysis», shabby and alien, digging in motivations and excrement, community of «bugs and cockroaches» as an ideal model of the Big Consumer.


Together with a postmodernism chimera the esthetics of the Century of the Fool Choosing the Pepsi "has broken" into our space. But it works badly. (Thank God!) We are live still, born in the USSR. Mentality is not that. Especially in original Russia.


Our people don't want (as a whole, not separately) to see themselves as stupid degenerate chewing SOMETHING without sugar, or the mentally retarded mummy-housewife opening for themselves new pampers-cleaners- sanitary towels like revelation by St. John the Evangelist with tremblingly ecstatic inspiration and an enlightenment.


And especially national consciousness of people playing not one century in chastity (on unruliness and cynicism surpassing, however, any another), rejects demonstration of spots, toilet bowls, and other physiological details.


All businessmen, excepting absolutely young generation of tribeless businessmen, understand everything. And they reach to "thimbles" of huge scam with incomprehensible persistence.


Servility of PR before the client is strongly developed. As the main task is to diddle a dingle-bell, the position of the manufacturer of advertising is also clear: what do you deign?
But the customer doesn't know, what to deign, knows only to work for, not against. The Diligent analysis of the professional is similar to consultation of the decent and knowing doctor (but you can't get it for love or money such doctors). Differently money of the customer, At the best, are lowered in a toilet bowl, in the worst — work against it. This is trickery and scam.


In the Russian regions, including us, there are darkness advertising and artificial advertising companies, fooling clients, sucking money from them, undermining trust to professionals. For example, brilliant firm "AVTOGRAPH". Or «TBC» (channels of ORT, Chelyabinsk and NTV, Chelyabinsk).Or the last of the Mohicans of old television on Chelyabinsk State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. It is clearly visible: here they are professionals, masters, they are charlatans ... And for the Master the main thing, ethics, morals, respect for the Person, not to the Consumer. Believe, it is profitable (if we speak in business language). The morals, ethics, an esthetics are always favorable and more comfortable.


But the future — for charlatans. I have no doubt about it.
But the Future is not only for them and not forever!






The journalist: Your unusual, sometimes shocking sights at many actual problems of history, philosophy, ethics, a policy force to think, argue and not leave indifferent. That is amazing, they engage in the polemic with you only on particulars, details, silently recognizing global truth, apparently, provoking and ambiguous versions...


But your ideas, which you have recently expressed, concerning occurring events in Russia and its population at the Millennium and resignation of the President, I am afraid, will cause sharp aversion... We will try to understand. In what an event essence under the version of Free Russian Master Vasily Smelyanskiy?


Vasily Smelyanskiy: "... Russia now, by definition of Gumilev Lev (eternal memory to this great thinker, the son of Russia) is "in a climax stage". The old woman of Russia is almost 800 years (the Russian superethnos started from the first quarter of the eighth century).


According to the theory of ethnogenesis by Gumilev, the Russian superethnos at this stage is in a transition state from "a break phase" in "an inertial phase"...


Break phase is pretty hysteric and clumsy time, which is not suitable for life. In Europe, for example, this phase coincided with the Renaissance. The time was full of blood and the widespread violence as a way of life. But the descendants celebrate these odious times as a "flourishing." We had the same "breakdown" which had happened apparently at the end of the XIX century and still continues, very reluctantly is going to transform into the next stage - the inertial one.


"In all known cases, the meaning of the phenomenon lies in the squandering of wealth and glory of the ancestors" - I quote the monograph "The end and start again" by Gumilev.


Politically, this time characterized by a maximum centrifugal motion, "the ethnic split" (the country has already broken up, and ready to continue to break up further at fiefdoms and Khanate).
But ahead as an oasis of "reposal" a new phase of development (or rather, fading): inertia is coming. This is, by definition of Gumilev, "Golden Autumn" of civilization, or the "last harvest" when the civilization lives and enjoys the benefit of all its previous development. This is the time of His Majesty Inhabitant with the slogan "Do not bother to live!".


If superethnos survives to this stage, successfully jumped over the break phase, the era of the Golden Empire comes which lasts for 200-300 years (remember the Roman Octavian Empire in the beginning of the era). It is a time of blossoming of arts and luxury and with its top of primacy of mindless pleasure, aggressive glamor and the living credo "Let me live in a rush and do not bother me". And all this without the slightest desire to risk their lives for the sake of something else, even for their own well-being, even more for the sake of the Motherland ("Yes, take away everything, but do not bother me!").


Thereafter, it is a time of central power strengthening according to imperial model which press down autocracy and freedom of provinces. (It begins, apparently, beneath our eyes).


And it is a time of Masters (scientists, engineers, architects, artists, poets) because only they can provide the luxury and technological base for prosperity without risk to life ... Emperors and local khans, sooner or later realize that.


All of the above does not contradict to generally accepted views. If only the ardent opponents of Lev Gumilev would not dispute the obvious things.


The journalist: Everything is very interesting and impressive, but is not so obviously and widely accepted. But where's scandalous? Is there a "good one" here?


Vasily Smelyanskiy: A good one is here. I suspect that the Russian superethnos could not slip "a break phase". It finished nearly without having held until the end of this wearisome distance. Finished and ended...


I think that the Great Russian superethnos has stopped the existence as uniform superethnos, having existed almost eight centuries ...


It appeared on debris and the ashes of its predecessor - the Russian superethnos (Kievan Rus'), passed through the crucible of the princely infighting, grew up, became strong and began to possess of huge territories of steppe in involuntary alliance with the Horde, rallied and realized itself, compelled by the iron epicentric will of Moscow and spread its wings, appeared before amazed world as Muscovy. It hasn't stopped on achievement and in a short historical period, under the name of the Russian Empire, became the most extensive area of dwelling in the planet - the sixth part of the land. On which it lived grandly, to the utmost horror and delight of neighbors, all the ups and downs, bloody disasters, in turn changes of proper names, paradigms, political and social imperatives. Under the name "Soviet Union" it has completed its long, painful, brilliant, and controversial way ... Legally its collapse has been signed by the "Belavezha agreement" on Dec. 8, 1991.


Eternal glory to the greatest superethnos!


The journalist:: Great! I would like to stand up and sing the anthem... And what then?


Vasily Smelyanskiy: On the debris (and probably even before - in the depths) of the collapsed Empire, on those debris which were resisted from the "careful guardianship" of practical neighbors, as a result of the incident shortly before (or vice versa - long before) passionate impulse, new superethnoi were originated which desperately threw themselves into thrilling whirlwind of ethnogenesis ... We clearly see three formations suchlike: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and, of course, the Russian Federation. These new communities have yet to win their right to become superethnoi, but they could not become superethnoi or come to the end. But let us wish them success, and God help them!


...When the new domestic superethnos is self-recognized what word will it be called? After all, it had not even recognized that it is the new, it still wears its ancestor's coat, still fights for the right just to BE! But the "point of no return" has passed. Not only has it passed, now it is the new starting point...


these things happened just on the Eve of the Millennium, which is very symbolic and even gives us hope ... And this "point of no return-starting" is personified, and this landmark milestone has its first and last names (which however is frequent phenomenon in the history of ethnogeneses) ... God knows what kind of president and the ruler Vladimir Putin will be, it is not so important nowadays, though, of course, I would like to know... The main thing is done for only one "point of no return- starting ". He will go ahead in the national history in the lightest image. That, of course, is not the indulgence ...


If everything is so, there is the "passionate phase of recovery" ahead, the time of "puppies" and "wolves", Heroes and Villains, Seers and Fanatics, Pioneers and Titans who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the ideals ... But the noble burden falls on the Masters "to carry through the time of Inhabitant, who celebrate and does not know that it is not his time already - to carry all the best, all sacred , willed by passed away superethnos, because they are his flesh and blood, but it is a part of the Future ...


Right? Time will tell. It seems like I am the only person who call things by their proper names...So I will be the first to blame...


The journalist: I do not know what to say ... I should to think about it... So I wish you good luck and many people around you who feel the same way you do.

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 For the first time it was published in the Internet on «PREMIER SK» Studio's site

«Vasily Smelyanskiy's virtual workshop» in March 2000 (, existed till 2004)


Photos under order of LLC Persona® by

Alexander SOKOLOV


Retouched photos,Visualization of images by

Vasily Smelyanskiy


© Text, Smelyanskiy V., 2000
© Retouched photos, design by Smelyanskiy V. 2000


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