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Henry V. Struve (22/07/1822, Derpt - 10.04.1908, Tiflis). The famous Russian chemist, founder of the collection.

Henry V. Struve

(22/07/1822, Derpt - 10.04.1908, Tiflis).

The famous Russian chemist,

founder of the Collection.







Title nameplate, including biographical sketches about collector and keeper of the Struve-Otten Collection.

Title nameplate,

including biographical sketches about

collector and keeper of the "Struve-Otten Collection".

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Struve-Otten Collection
cultural and art object


from Euler-Struve-Otten family history

Nadezhda RUDYKH

FOUNDER and OWNERS of the COLLECTION (short biographies)



1Henry V. Struve (22/07/1822, Derpt - 10.04.1908, Tiflis) - founder of the collection.

The famous Russian chemist, Corresponding Member of Petersburg AS (1876), the son of one of the founders of stellar astronomy V.Y.Struve. Author of works on inorganic, analytical, physiological, and forensic chemistry. He offered (1853) reagent for the detection of arsenic in forensic medical investigations.


G. Struve graduated from Derpt University, Department of Chemistry, and since 1849 worked in the chemical laboratory of the Mining Department in St. Petersburg.


During the construction of Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, G. Struve was charged gilded domes of the temple. In the process, Henry V. poisoned and lost his voice. Long-term treatment in the south of France did not succeed, and he could communicate only in writing.

In the early 1860s, Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich acquired estate Borjom (Likani), where Mr. Struve was invited as a chemist for the investigation of the numerous mineral springs. He accepted the offer, went to Tiflis and then to Borjom, where he went to work. Soft warm climate of Borjom and mineral water led to a complete recovering, and he regained his voice. He decided to stay in the Caucasus. Soon his wife and children came there. After completing of work in Borjom, the couple Struve returned to Tiflis, where they settled down. Mr. Struve was the head of the provincial Chemical Laboratory, was one of the organizers of the chemical expertise laboratory in the provincial Court of Justice. For a detailed study of mineral waters of Georgia G. Struve in 1876 was elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. He died in Tiflis, March 28, 1908, in the same year when his grandson G.F. Otten was born.


2. Wilhelmina Genrichovna Struve (03.25.1856, Tiflis - 1943, Akmola) teacher, unmarried.

    Elena Genrikhovna Struve (13.02.1864, Tiflis - 1943, Akmola) teacher, unmarried.

Sisters lived in Tbilisi in the house of his father, Mr. Struve. Died in exile in Akmola, Kazakhstan.


3. Genrikh F. Otten (04.17.1908, Tbilisi - 03.25.2004, Chelyabinsk) - he inherited the collection with the consent of the daughters of G. V. Struve.


He was an engineer, builder, and scientist, one of the founders of engineering glaciology, connoisseur of fine art, collector and bibliophile.


Descendant (through the mother) of L. Euler, mathematician, physicist, Academician of Berlin and St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, the great-grandson of V.Y. Struve, astronomer, founder of the Pulkovo Observatory, Academician of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, grandson of G.V. Struve, chemist, corresponding member of Petersburg AS.


He graduated from the Transcaucasian Engineering and Ameliorative Institute (1932). In 1932-1941 he worked as an engineer in the Transcaucasian Research institute of constructions. For the first time in the Soviet Union he conducted the research (in collaboration with G.T. Saatchyan and A.G. Goff) of snow avalanches nature and engineering of protective structures. He was the founder of the snow-meteorological service of the plant "Apatite" (Kirovsk, 1936). He was the author of fundamental studies in engineering glaciology.


In 1936-1941 he participated in meetings and conferences of Academy of Science of the USSR for the study of snow avalanches. In 1941, he exiled to Kazakhstan in the labor army for the construction of the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant. At the end of World War II he worked as the head of estimate and contract department (until 1967) of organization "Chelyabmetallurgstroy." He was the keeper of the unique European classical collection of engravings of XVI-XIX centuries, collected by G.V. Struve, and the collector and owner of a cataloged library of fine art, representing the scientific value.


4. Alexey B. OTTEN (b. 4/11/1974, Chelyabinsk) inherited the collection under the will.


Civil engineer, director of Industrial Group “NEKK”, grandson of G.F. Otten, descendant of Euler and Struve families.


He graduated from the Southern Ural State University with a degree "Industrial and Civil Construction" (1997), the Ural Academy of Civil Service under the President of the Russian Federation (2003)
He began his career in 1993 as a foreman of construction and installation work, since 2000 he has been working as a director of Industrial Group “NEKK”.
He is an honored builder of the republic of Bashkortostan (2007). He was awarded a diploma of the Governor of Chelyabinsk Region for long service and conscientious work (2008).
He is a certified cynologist of sports and guard dogs, the candidate for master of sports of motor rally, the member of the Trans-Asian automobile expedition "Altai-Himalaya" (2004), setting a record of Guinness Book of World Records in high rise on the car (5751 m), the Russian champion in sport auto tourism.


He initiated the restoration of the collection of G.V. Stuve’s engravings, later the collection of Struve-Otten.



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