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IE Smelyanskiy V.Y.



The biography has been written
on the ground
of encyclopedia articles,
printed and electronic media
and interviews with Master


Vasily Yurjevich Smelyanskiy

was born on May 27, 1962

 in Chelyabinsk.

At various times, he lived in


Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and Penza

but moved back to Chelyabinsk

in 1996 and has lived

there ever since.


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Vasily SMELYANSKIY during the shooting

for the edition Persona: Private Life, 2001



Graphic poetry composition


version 01  (size 630 x 910 mm)

created by Vasily SMELYANSKIY

 using the unique technique of virzhi

 (stands for “virtual painting”).

The version is based on the author's art work of the same name of 1999



Reprints of six (from 170)

graphic poetry pages

of the book (book art)

Moonlight Sovieticus Injected

with Socialist Surrealism,


 & co-artist Igor USKOV, 1989



Poster Association


conceptual design in the Soviet Union",




Graphic poetry composition

CITY: And now I’m watching the city

 (size 1,370 x 810 mm)

created by Vasily SMELYANSKIY

 using the unique technique of virzhi

 (stands for “virtual painting”).

1998 – May 2004


Graphic poetry composition
Andrej STARTSEV the Master
(size 655 x 600 mm) from series UDCE:
Underneath the Debris
of the Collapsed Empire
created by Vasily SMELYANSKIY,
Free Russian Master,
using the unique technique of virzhi
(stands for "virtual painting").
1998 – June 2003



Poster for the theatrical performance

based on the book TETRAGEDDON 2000:

melodies of the cruel century,

graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy1998



"Golden" personnel of RIG Persona®, 2006:

Vasily Smelyanskiy, Nadezhda Rudykh,

Natalya Kozakova, Tatiana Reznitskaya



Sky's the limit. Genuine French book cover.

4 albums-depositories for the collection

of gravures Struve – Otten.

 Vasily Smelyanskiy, 2006




 and Natalya KOZAKOVA, Coelga, 2006



Alexander SOKOLOV


 during the shooting of South Ural temples 

for the almanac Gubernsky Calendar,

Magnitogorsk, 2006-08-15



Alexander SOKOLOV


 during the shooting of South Ural temples

for the almanac Gubernsky Calendar,

Smolino, 2006-07-17



Boris Kaplun, Rostislav Gepp

and Vasily Smelyanskiy

 sign the collection CD Ariel – 40

 (project by RIG Persona

the Legends of South Ural), 2009

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Poet, artist, journalist, director, producer.


He is creator and sole owner of RIG PERSONA® Trademark.


Fourfold champion of Olympic Games of printers FESPA Awards

14 (2005), 15 (2007), 16 (2010), 17 (2013).


Vasily Smelyanskiy is creator and director of:

Vasily Smelyanskiy’s WORKSHOP RIG PERSONA® (since 2009)

Promotional & Publishing Group LLC RIG PERSONA® (2005-2009)

LLC PERSONA (2001 -2009)

Studio PREMIER SK (1998-2009)


Non-commercial Organization KULTURNOE NASLEDIE fund of Russian Federation (1997-2002)


Cooperativ Tvorchestvo (1987-1988)


Creator and co-director (with Alexander KORLYKHANOV)


Member of the International Federation of Journalists (since 2006)

Chairman of the Professional Union of Artists – Ural branch (since 2004),

Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia (2004),

Member of the Independent Press Association (2004),

Associated member of FESPA (since 2005)


Chief Editor and Art Director of publications

almanacs Persona: Private Life (2002), Gubernsky Calendar. Chelyabinsk Region (2005–2010), Navigator for VIP Customer (2003), and e-zine nefteGAZeta (2005–2009), RIG PERSONA® (2005-2010), Russian Free Master (since 2011), and other publications of RIG PERSONA®.


Author of the books:

Moonlight Sovieticus Injected with Socialist Surrealism (1989),

The Tale of Cadmus (1996),

TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century, graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy (versions of 1996, 1999, 2005 and 2010).


Author and co-author of numerous articles.


Author of unique art and printing techniques, design concepts for different businesses.


Over 200 paintings that were created by Vasily Smelyanskiy in original technique of virtual painting were bought for private and public collections.


A lot of works of Vasily Smelyanskiy that were made with use of a book art style and a keepsake and office-keepsake of quality publications are stored in the main Russian national cultural funds and private collections:

•  The State Hermitage,

•  The State Tretyakov gallery,

•  The Russian State Library, Moscow

•  The Russian National Library, Saint-Petersburg

•  The Library of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

•  The Library of President of the USA Barack Obama

•  Belinsky V.G. Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Research Library

•  Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library







In his early years, Vasily Smelyanskiy studied mathematics and science, but all in all he preferred the arts so he became a writer when he was 18 years old. Although artist and artistic freedom in Soviet Russia were extremely persecuted, he performed his verses on stage. He earned on life in the various branches, two years worked as the regular host (the manager of mass celebrations), has created many scenarios on a theme, and has organized School of Toast-masters in Chelyabinsk.  In January, 1985, when he was 22 years old, shortly after the Soviet regime had collapsed, he was in charge of the Family Service in Chelyabinsk, and a year later he established and led the Region Association of Entertainment Producers, which joined local arts notables.

Yuri BOBKOV, Alexander MORDASOV, Oleg PETROV, Aleksey LEYKIN, Yuri SYCHEV, Vladimir FILONOV, Anatoly BASHUROV also entered (or received orders) into association. They were well-known in the theatrical and concert environment, and in due course become by sign figures for culture of South Ural. Vasily Smelyanskiy, by himself and in the co-authorship, had been developed and put set of mass holidays and representations, for example, days of cities, days of areas, solemn concerts, etc.

In 1987 he has opened the first in the country cooperative for the organization of concert activity and has spent the legitimate non-state private tours first in the USSR on November 22-23, 1987. That, as a matter of fact, was date of birth of domestic show business. He became one of the first organizers and directors of the Moscow Music Center of Stas NAMIN, who invited him to develop the show production department in 1987.

Poster of a graphic poetry book (book art)

Moonlight Sovieticus Injected

with Socialist Surrealism, 1989

In 1988 Smelyanskiy together with Igor USKOV established a company for development of PR strategies Association  “Vasily SMELYANSKIY - Igor USKOV: conceptual design in the Soviet Union”. The project was based on principles of conceptual design that were suggested by Vasily Smelyanskiy back in 1985 and extended the limits of Soviet mindset.

In 1988–1989 he introduced the idea of “graphic poetry” (original term, a blend of "verse" and "graphics") that explained how to reach maximum effect on consciousness and subconsciousness by means of synthesis of various types of arts information. In 1989 Vasily Smelyanskiy wrote a book of poetry Moonlight Sovieticus Injected with Socialist Surrealism, which included book art works elaborated by co-artist Igor Uskov.

The same year all 170 original graphic poetry book sheets have been exposed in 14 show-windows of the Central store on the Revolution square in Chelyabinsk. Then Vasily Smelyanskiy and Igor Uskov created on the basis of Chelyabinsk organ hall the Group of Free Playing music. George ANOKHIN (flute), Yevgeniy KISILEV (guitar), Alexander Sakha (shock), Vladimir HAMSTERS (body) served on a panel.

Later in Yekaterinburg V.S. created a studio rock group called Atomic Power Station and wrote down at Nautilus Pompilius studio four clips, based on songs from the book Moonlight Sovieticus Injected with Socialist Surrealism (a sound-producer — Vadim SAMOILOV, Agatha Christie, the director of clips — Cyril KOTELNIKOV).

The book Moonlight Sovieticus Injected with Socialist Surrealism in the end of 1989 - the beginning of 1990 has been sent for the print from ready photoforms by the head of the Main Publisher of increased demand of Vneshtorgizdat of the USSR in circulation 5 000 copies in a keepsake class, however under the decision of the author book release has been stopped. Motive was use attempt by some extremist and nationalist organizations of separate parody texts of the book, including the text Kandalny rock for Uncle Joe as not parody ideological attributes.


In 1990–1993 he was occupied in newspaper business.

During 1994–1996, he had been writing a book called “The Tale of Cadmus”, but it never was published because the manuscript was stolen along with his baggage while traveling on a train. The outtakes from this book were published later as TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century, graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy.

Text versions of the book were repeatedly printed by the limited circulations in variants of Samizdat (1995–1996) and under publishing mark Kulturnoe Nasledie (1996-2001).


In 1996, after he moved back in Chelyabinsk, the Russian Foundation Kulturnoe Nasledie was established, joining Smelyanskiy, Andrei STARTSEV, and Boris KALUZHNYI, and an album of paintings Fine Art. 20th Century. Chelyabinsk was published in collaboration with Chelyabinsk Art Gallery and Union of Artists of Chelyabinsk region.



In 1998 his book TETRAGEDDON 2000 was rendered into a theatrical performance in Glinka Chelyabinsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre where musicians of Georgy ANOKHIN's L-Band and vocalist Olga SERGEEVA were among the headliners. Statement of the People’s artist of the RSFSR Naum ORLOV, a choreography of the People’s artist of the RSFSR Alexander MUNTAGIROV).


The same year, by the initiative of Vasily Smelyanskiy and cofounder producer Natalya KOZAKOVA, the enterprise Studio Premier SK was established (since 2001LLC PERSONA®; later reformed as Promotional & Publishing Group LLC Persona®; since 2009 acts as Vasily SMELYANSKIY's Workshop RIG PERSONA®).


Poster of the Jubilee divertissement

Jazz in the style of the Maestro:

Georgi Anokhin and Olga Sergeeva

 in social-production project


The land of masters, 1998

The Studio was not run from the scratch: it adhered to Vasily Smelyanskiy's conceptual plan introduced back in 1996 and referred to as THE LAND OF MASTERS with its main postulate of revival of Master hood and the concept of a Master as main spiritual, economical, and historical phenomenon of Russia.

In the same time within the framework of the socially-producer project THE EARTH MASTERS Vasily Smelyanskiy has organized a series from seven Chelyabinsk concerts and theatrical platforms of George Anokhin's group L-band (the name of group and image strategy are developed by V.Smelyanskiy), including George Anokhin's the Jubilee divertissement Jazz in the style of the Maestro on a scene at Chelyabinsk Youth Theatre with participation of Olga Sergeeva, Alexander Nemtsev, Vladimir Rikker, Boris Savin and Boris Sundarev. In concerts, besides other, were musical compositions and songs on verses from the book  TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century, graphic poetry arranged by Vasily Smelyanskiy (George ANOKHIN and Vladimir's BATRAKOV music and arrangement).


Since 1998 long-term fruitful cooperation (it proceeds till now) with the rock musician, the poet and composer Yuri KNYAZEV the leader PIGMEJSKY SHOCK PROJECT has begun. Yuri KNYAZEV has created and has written down some musical compositions on motives of the book TETRAGEDDON 2000. For Yuri Knyazev V. Smelyanskiy in different years has developed a project corporate style, graphic design and imposition of the book of verses of Yuri Knyazev, design and manufacture of collection disks N-tropi-Ya (2002) and N-klektik (2008).

In 1998 he began to paint; he also developed the concept and technique of “virzhi” (original term standing for “virtual painting”). All paintings of his first collection were sold out by a charity auction at the Tiger House TV show. The multidimensional figurative system of graphic poetry embodying attitude of the modern person, has found the reflection in more than 200 pictures executed in 1998-2003. More than 200 paintings from this collection are reserved now in private, corporate, and public collections, including 11 versions of the portrait of Vladimir PUTIN (Russia 2000: The Robe of Power, 1999). Pictures of V.S. repeatedly were located on covers of various magazines, were shown at numerous personal and collective international and Russian exhibitions.


In 2001 under the contract with Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Russia and Irina ARKHIPOVA Foundation, he wrote portraits of 38 participants of the 2nd International Opera Festival.


Since 2002 he published the edition Persona: Private Life that was the first magazine in Ural fully focused on the life of local celebrities. The edition was remarkable as it contained a manifest anti-glossy-magazines-style declaration and promoted the highest standards and principles of responsibility and respect to its readers.

In 2003 he was actively engaged in printing art and printing designing that was direct continuation of his work in a book-art style. Became the initiator of revival of the press of a class keepsake — especially magnificent printing art. Has created a new printing art and design direction office-keepsake, having extended high art and printing standards of a class keepsake to daily business and corporate attributes, and began to make production office-keepsake for customers in industrial (thousand) circulations.


In 2005 he became a publisher of a keepsake printed almanac Gubernsky Calendar. Chelyabinsk Region. The concept, technological, art and format of an almanac-calendar are an author's know-how. Most of the editions of the series are stored in museums, rare editions depositories, national and regional libraries and retained in private collections. 


From 1999 through 2009 he created more than 50 author's Trademarks and corporate styles which steels cards and also attribute of prestige. Advertising strategy of Vasily Smelyanskiy promoted an exit of many companies in leaders of the regional and national Russian markets, and also on the European markets and investors.

Vasily SMELYANSKIY (RIG Persona®)

and Nigel STEFFENS,

the Managing Director of FESPA,

 Berlin, 2007


Since 2005, his enterprise was affiliated with the International Screenprinting Association FESPA.  Graphics of Vasily Smelyanskiy were awarded with a golden (in the nomination №1) and two silver prizes (in the nomination №1 and №4) at the FESPA Awards 2005 (Munich) and a golden prize (in the nomination №1) at the FESPA Awards 2007 (Berlin). His works received a gold medal of the International Design and Polygraphy Competition VENICE VACATION 2005 and the First Diploma of GOLDEN STENCIL 2005 National Screenprinting Competition. Fedrigoni awarded his printed production with the highest prize at the international contest SINGING PAPER 2006–2007.  


In 2008 Vasily Smelyanskiy created graphics for the cover of a CD, released for 40th anniversary of the pop group ARIEL in the Legends of South Ural (producer N. Kozakova) series of collection CD's.

In 2004 to 2009, he developed the screenprinting method that can be applied to art serigraphy as well. The innovation includes complex graphic rendering and special usage of printing materials. The technology allows that end price of printed production (keepsake or certified serigraphy) can be minimized, so the wider band of printed production can be printed as if for a museum collection.


In 2009, Vasily SMELYANSKIY and Alexander KORLYKHANOV created a unique printing production of keepsake and office keepsake quality publications based on the Publisher FORT DIALOG (Yekaterinburg). This cooperation was the basis for the organization URAL INNOVATIVE ART AND POLYGRAPHIC PARTNERSHIP. Their work has been given an honorary mention by Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Ural Federal District Vinnichenko N.A. 


 the master of screen printing

FORT DIALOG producing the edition of

  FRESCOES OF THE TRUTH (book art), 2010

Following the innovation wave, the project FRESCOES OF THE TRUTH was successfully released within partnership with the Publisher FORT Dialog (Yekaterinburg) in 2010, and a short run of a unique book art presentation kit was printed.

The Book Art Object by Vasily Smelyanskiy achieved the highest position in the nomination №1 at the FESPA Awards 2010 (Munich), letting Vasily Smelyanskiy's enterprise to accomplish the Ural Hat Trick in the world screenprinting championship in five years.


Graphics of Vasily Smelyanskiy were awarded with a golden (in the nomination №1) and two bronze prizes (in the nomination №3 and №6) at theFESPA Awards 2013 (London). In subsequent Olympiads FESPA Awards Master did not participate. 


 The life, works, and achievements of Vasily Smelyanskiy are covered in numerous articles

and in the book Free Russian Master by co-author Yuri SHEVELEV; selected chapters were issued in a digest The People Life (Chelyabinsk, Dialog-Holding, 2008). 



Georgi ANOKHIN and Andrey TORKHOV 




and Andrey TORKHOV




in a theatrical performance based on the book TETRAGEDDON 2000: melodies of the cruel century,

 graphic poetry arranged by Vasily SMELYANSKIY,

by People's artist of the Russian Federation Naum Orlov

 and People's artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Muntagirov,

Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre, 1998

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