FESPA General secretary Nigel STEFFENS


Nigel STEFFENS. The FESPA Secretary General since 2000. Since 2007 - the Managing Director of FESPA.Tatyana Reznitskaya's photo which was made specially for RIG PERSONA®, Berlin, FESPA Awards - 2007

FESPA General secretary


Berlin, Germany, 2007


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During the Awards' ceremony FESPA AWARDS 2005, where RIG PERSONA® has won gold and silver in the main nomination, General Secretary Nigel Steffens said:

«Winning entries are just outstanding!»





After the FESPA Awards 2007 Nigel STEFFENS expressed his opinion about RIG Persona's works:

«The entries from RIG Persona always stand out as being of excellent quality. We congratulate the company on continuing to set the highest standards within the industry».






Before the presentation of awards at FESPA Awards 2010 in Munich, Germany, Nigel Steffens in a personal conversation with Vasily Smelyanskiy confirmed his high opinion about

RIG Persona's works.